Message From The Superintendent

Summer is a time for our school community and staff to reset and prepare for another school year while also meeting the needs of students in unique ways. Although our days look a lot different this time of year, we have so many great things taking place in SBPS in June, July, and August.  Suttons Bay Public Schools proudly hosts the summer Migrant School Program, region-wide driver education classes, training and skills camps for a number of our athletic teams, county-wide Little League Baseball games, region-wide professional development opportunities, free summer meals for school age children open to any child under 18 years old, the county-wide Senior Expo, NORSE Care for PreK and Elementary age students, daily summer workouts in our new weight room, open gyms with our athletics teams, and a handful of special events that draw statewide interest.  We are thankful for the dedication and hard work our staff puts in to meet the needs of students all year round.

This July, our team took some time to reflect on what is working well in SBPS while also making note of areas that we can improve for the upcoming school year.  We settled on three goals for this school year that will focus our attention on designing programs and instruction and make a tremendous positive impact on all our students.  Our goals for the 2023-2024 school year are to (1) create joyful learning experiences in schools with highly engaging instruction and programs, (2) strengthen relationships and build trust with all students, staff, and families, and (3) set clear and transparent growth goals for all students to positively impact learning for all students.

We are excited to welcome all of our students back to school on September 5th, and we cannot wait to see all the smiling faces around campus again soon!  


Casey Petz - Superintendent