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Suttons Bay Public Schools' Human Resources department provides services and support to employees and applicants within our school community. For information and services feel free to contact us by phone at 231-271-8600, Ext. 400 or by email at portercr@suttonsbayschools.com.

Congratulations to Our Employees of the Month!

January 2024

Teacher of the Month - Elisabeth (Libby) Wadsworth, Elementary K/1 Teacher

Libby is a dedicated, skilled educator who makes her work in the classroom look natural and easy. Students feel comfortable and connected in Libby's room, laughing and learning all day. Libby is also an amazing member of our school team. If something is happening at Suttons Bay Elementary, Libby is part of creating, improving, and celebrating it. She has been a part of every major initiative since she joined SBPS and she somehow manages to balance all those additional goals with her daily work. We're so thankful to have Libby on our team!

Support Staff of the Month - Kathleen Anderson, Elementary Interventionist

Kathleen is an amazing team player, kid supporter, and tutor to kids all day long. She spends her days with one of our most challenging age groups and in that setting, she is kind, clear, patient, creative, and very dedicated. If our students have a special event, Kathleen is there. If our team needs someone to step up and cover something, Kathleen is there. If a student needs someone to see them, really see them and their needs, Kathleen is there. We will once again be able to offer summer childcare to local families, largely due to Kathleen's dedication to the program and creative planning for summer fun. Kathleen is a gem and an important part of our Suttons Bay team!