Preschool - 12th Grade Supplemental Enrollment Forms

The following forms need to be completed and turned in prior to your Preschool - 12th Grade child attending his/her first day of school:

  • Immunization record - In accordance with state statute, please submit your student(s) immunization record. Students who enroll in a public school who do not have up-to-date immunizations or an authorized waiver will not be allowed to attend school until appropriate paperwork is on file in the school office.

  • Copy of certified birth certificate

  • Proof of residency in the SBPS district or paperwork requesting release from another school district: Proof of Residency Form

  • If you live outside the SBPS district, but wish to attend SBPS, please complete the Schools of Choice Form

  • Click here for a copy of the Open Enrollment Policy referenced on the Schools of Choice form.

The following forms are only required if they apply to your child, with the exception of the Online Free or Reduced Lunch Application which is required of all families:

Kindergarten - Additional Enrollment Information

Transitional Kindergarten Starting Age: Must be 5 by December 1st.

Multi-Age Kindergarten Starting Age: Must be 5 by September 1st.

To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before September 1st of the enrollment year. However, according to Michigan law*, if a child residing in a district is not five years of age on or before September 1st, but will turn five years of age not later than December 1st of the enrollment year, the parent or legal guardian may choose to enroll their child in kindergarten by completing a Kindergarten Notice of Enrollment Form to enroll his/her student in school. At Suttons Bay, we offer Transitional Kindergarten for students who have fall birthdays and will be 4 years old when beginning kindergarten. Most of these young kindergarteners repeat kindergarten the following year.

When in receipt of a waiver request, districts can make recommendations to the child’s parent or legal guardian, as to the child’s readiness for school, and whether or not the child should be enrolled early. Regardless of a district’s recommendation, the parent or legal guardian retains sole discretion on whether to enroll their child.

*State of Michigan Act No. 198, effective 6/26/12

Who to contact with questions:

General Enrollment Questions - Cris Porter,, (231) 271-8600, Ext. 400

Preschool - 5th Grade - Jennifer Smith, or Shelagh Fehrenbach,, (231) 271-8601.

Grades 6th - 8th - Lisa Stark,, (231) 271-2545

Grades 9th - 12th - Shelly Smith,, (231) 271-8604

Virtual School - Lisa Stark,, (231) 271-2545